The IN REAL LIFE SALE is a rare event - happening for only a few days per year - where we move mountains to bring in as much inventory into one place - so everyone can finally try on!! 
I get asked ALL THE TIME if it's possible to try on the items available for sale here - which is why I do this, and it's been one year since the last one - so this is major!
This season it is happening Sunday, October 15, Monday, October 16, and Tuesday October 17th, 2023, (10 am to 5 pm) at 660 Clyde Avenue in West Vancouver, at the sales centre for Executive on the Park (the development is being done by one of the friends of the sale, and they have kindly let us use the space!!).  
There is TONS of parking - it's right by Park Royal, so accessible by transit and car alike. 
The changing rooms are open concept, as always, so i recommend wearing things that are easy to get on and off if you plan on trying dresses, and regular pants if you plan on trying sweaters and blouses. Wear the kind of bra you regularly would, so that you can get a good idea of how things will really look.