About Selling With The Sequel Sale




When it comes to secondhand, trust is everything! I have traditionally run this sale for clients that I knew well from my former life as a shopgirl - I find that it helps me immensely to know the closet from where the items I sell come from. I find that it has more meaning, it’s more personal!


As I am just one person who runs this sale, in order to keep myself from getting too overwhelmed, I sell on consignment with my most competitive rates on an annual membership basis. I make a limited number of memberships available each season, and work quite closely with each member, almost like a selling concierge. Membership is available to those that I have worked with in the past, either in a personal shopping capacity, in my old life as a shopgirl, or as a wardrobe consultant.


If you think that you might like to have a “personal seller”, and the above criteria sounds like you, let’s chat more about it. This service delivers the most value for those that are consigning quite a number of high end pieces each year.


For those with whom I am not as well aquainted (yet!) I offer buyouts up front. This allows me to get to know new people, and to allow someone the freedom to just wipe their hands of an item quickly, if that is more convenient. The payout rate for a buyout is 30% of the value of what I would sell the item for. I have a preference for beautifully made pieces (of course), that (like all consignment stores), are more recent and in excellent condition. It is very challenging to sell anything if there is a stain or any damage, so it is really best to ensure that items are pristine and clean! Please contact me by email: thesequelsale - at - gmail.com with photographs and relevant info and we can go from there. 


** Just a quick note: email is better than Instagram DM - and in some cases I need some time to reply!! 


Thank you very much for your interest in working with me - I really do appreciate that you have read this far. <3